How Do You Apply for a Wal-Mart Credit Card?

Someone interested in applying for a Wal-Mart store card or Wal-Mart MasterCard can do so online through the Wal-Mart website. The user first must sign up for a Wal-Mart website account or log in to an existing account to continue the application process. The application asks for the user to choose the desired card type, enter personal information, sign the application and then submit it electronically, the retailer notes.

To apply for a Wal-Mart MasterCard or store card, do the following:

  1. Access the application
  2. Sign in or create a new Wal-Mart account on the website to gain access to the application.

  3. Select the preferred card
  4. Select either the Wal-Mart MasterCard or store card. If the applicant chooses the MasterCard, but isn’t qualified, Wal-Mart may offer a Wal-Mart store card.

  5. Enter personal information
  6. Enter the requested details about contact information, income, address history and monthly expenses. Enter the driver’s license, birth date and Social Security number for the credit card. Choose a preferred bill delivery time. If interested, opt for the card protection program.

  7. Sign and submit the application
  8. Check the box to electronically sign the application and then click “Accept and Submit.” Confirm the information when asked. The results of the application decision will appear after around 30 seconds, notes Wal-Mart.