How Do You Apply for a Verve Credit Card?


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To apply for a Verve credit card, visit Verve's official website, enter a reservation number and Social Security number and then click on the "Confirm Reservation" button. Alternatively, applicants who have not received a reservation number via mail can begin the application process by clicking the "No Reservation" button, according to Verve's official website.

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Take the following steps in order to complete a Verve credit card application:

  1. Complete the application
  2. After choosing whether to apply with or without a reservation number, the applicant is prompted to enter his or her name and contact information, including address, email and primary and secondary phone numbers. The numbers provided must be accurate, since the applicant will eventually need to call from one of the numbers to activate the Verve card. The applicant will also be asked if he or she owns a checking account. Information about income and identifying information, including date of birth and Social Security number, are required for the application to be completed.

  3. Agree to disclosures
  4. Once the applicant has entered his information and selected whether to issue a card for a second individual on the account, a screen appears prompting the applicant to accept the disclosures for the card and electronically sign the application. The option to purchase credit protection insurance on the card will be given. The applicant is given the opportunity to read the terms and conditions of the card before clicking the green button labeled "I agree, submit application" to complete the application process.

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