How Do You Apply for a VA Business Loan?

How Do You Apply for a VA Business Loan?

You can apply for a number of different VA business loans through the Small Business Administration's Express Loan Program. The SBA works with the Department of Veterans Affairs to guarantee loans for veterans, soldiers or their wives or widows. Qualified veterans can apply for these VA business loans from local or national banking institutions, an SBA district office or through the SBA or VA website.

  1. Access the Veteran Entrepreneur Portal

    Visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ website, and search for Veteran Entrepreneur Portal via the search bar on the upper right. Click the Access Financing link to activate the Access Financing Wizard. After answering questions related to your loan needs, the VA then connects you to appropriate lenders and resources to secure financing.

  2. Visit an SBA District Office or financial institution

    Visit the Small Business Administration’s website, and click SBA District Offices under the Local Assistance menu. Contact or visit your local SBA office to discuss which VA business loans are most suitable for your needs. You can also apply for VA business loans at your local banking institution.

  3. Apply through the Express Loan Program

    Visit the Small Business Administration’s website, and click the Loans & Grants menu at the top of the page. Explore the VA business loans offered on the subsequent page. These loans, which, as of 2014, provide up to $350,000 in financing with no upfront fees, are part of the Express Loan Program. Choose the loan that is best for your business, and proceed with the application. You should receive a response within 36 hours of submission.