How Do You Apply for a USAA Checking Account?


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USAA checking accounts can be applied for online or by telephone. The products offered by USAA, including its checking accounts, are only available to the United States military community. Applicants must therefore meet the eligibility criteria before they can apply for any of the accounts or other products.

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Before a checking account is applied for the applicant has to join the USAA. Those who are eligible to join include active and retired members of the U.S. military. Those who were honorably discharged can also join, as can certain cadets, midshipmen and officer candidates. The children of USAA members can join in some situations, as can widows and widowers of former USAA members.

Several pieces of information are then required in order to open a checking account. This includes the applicant's date of birth and their social security number. They also need to provide details of the branch of the military that they served in, as well as their rank and the dates of their military service. And they need to provide their USAA number.

Spouses and parents of USAA members can also apply for checking accounts. In this situation the applicant has to provide the USAA number, social security number and date of birth of the USAA member that they are related to.

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