How Do You Apply for State Government Jobs?


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Apply for a state government job by locating the appropriate listing for the position through the careers section of the state government's website, or through a third party job listing site, and follow the posted application process. Some jobs may feature an online application, which often includes the ability to upload a resume, while others may require visiting the state office in person or emailing an application, as of 2015.

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The process of applying for a job within the government of a particular state may vary between states and depending on the job, although most feature a direct process that has minimum clerical requirements. A state may publish new career opportunities through a special section of its website, such as the California, which posts new listings on the Jobs section of CA.gov. This page includes a search field that allows users to find listings according to department and view a full description of the responsibilities and requirements for the position.

Many of these jobs involve obtaining an official application form, with some forms serving all government roles. In these cases, users need to check the description on the site to find a job code or classification number to include on the application to designate the correct position. Many online job hunting sites may post similar listings for government jobs, also offering instructions about how to contact the appropriate parties to complete the application process.

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