How Do You Apply for a Shout Credit Card?

How Do You Apply for a Shout Credit Card?

As of 2015, Shout is not accepting new applications for this credit card. Individuals can contact Shout customer service in the United Kingdom by phone or mail using the contact information available at

The Shout credit card charges a monthly fee of 15 pounds per every 100 pounds a customer spends on the card. The credit card does not have interest or default charges, with the exception of a fee that is assessed if a cardholder withdraws cash, explains Shout. The credit limit of this card is up to 300 pounds, and the cash withdrawal limit is 50 pounds. The Shout card is issued by Raphaels Bank and serviced by CCUK Finance Limited.

When applications are being accepted, Shout attempts to let an applicant know his approval status at the time the application is submitted. Approved applicants receive a credit card and PIN number within five business days, notes Shout. Individuals need a valid email address to apply. Shout also requires that an applicant consent to a credit check and provide information about employment and income.

The minimum monthly payment on a Shout credit card is the total amount of all fees plus 10 percent of the account balance. A cardholder can opt to make payments via direct debit, in which the payment amount is automatically deducted from a bank account. To set up direct debit transactions, a cardholder must contact Shout customer services.

Cardholders can use a Shout credit card when traveling abroad. The card has no foreign transaction fees, but there is an additional 2.50 pounds charged for cash transactions, explains Shout.