How Do You Apply for Section 8 Housing in Texas?

How Do You Apply for Section 8 Housing in Texas?

To apply for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program in Texas, contact the housing authority that covers your area, and submit an application. There are over 400 public housing agencies throughout the state that are responsible for administering and processing Section 8 Housing applications.

  1. Ensure eligibility for Section 8 Housing

    Before contacting your local agency, ensure that you satisfy the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs’ Section 8 eligibility requirements. To ensure eligibility, read the rules of the Texas Housing Counselor program located on the Texas Low Income Housing Information Service’s website. There are several Section 8 Housing vouchers in Texas made available to low-income families. To receive approval, your household’s annual gross income cannot exceed 50 percent of the state’s median income guidelines. Eligibility is also based on your household’s size, composition, assets and citizenship status.

  2. Gather the Pre-Application Form and HUD Voucher Form

    After ensuring your eligibility, visit the website for the Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs, or contact the agency by phone to procure documents associated with the Project Access program. If visiting the website, access the Programs menu at the top of the page, and select Section 8. On the subsequent page, select the Project Access program, and download the Application Cover Sheet, the HUD Voucher Form and the Pre-Application Form. Complete these forms before contacting your local housing agency.

  3. Contact your local housing agency

    Visit the Texas Housing Association’s website to access the directory of public housing agencies in Texas. Find the housing agency that covers your city or region, and contact them. Inquire about the different housing voucher programs available, and ask which is most suitable for your current situation. The agent at your local office can walk you through the steps necessary to apply for Section 8 Housing benefits in Texas.