How Do You Apply for a Real Estate License in Florida?

How Do You Apply for a Real Estate License in Florida?

To apply for a Florida real estate license, residents must meet the minimum state requirements, complete a real estate course and pass the state exam. Before the license is issued, you must submit your fingerprints and complete the online application.

  1. Meet the minimum requirements

    Florida requires applicants be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED certificate before starting the application process.

  2. Complete the real estate course

    To take the exam, the state requires applicants to complete an approved 63-hour course within two years of the exam date. If you have not yet completed the course, but plan to complete it before the test date, you can apply to take the test. However, if you have not completed the course, you cannot take the test. If the course is expired, the applicant is denied testing.

  3. Take the exam

    As of 2014, Pearson Vue administers the exam. The company accepts funds for the test fee by check, money order or credit card.

  4. Submit fingerprints

    As a part of the process, all potential real estate applicants must have a background check based on fingerprints.

  5. Complete the application

    The state offers online application submission. After fulfilling all other requirements, the candidate completes the form and submits it through the state website.