How Do You Apply for a Prepaid Debit MasterCard?


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Individuals may apply for a prepaid debit MasterCard online or at selected retail stores, explains MasterCard. Some of the cards that they may apply for include the MasterCard Everyday prepaid card, MasterCard gift cards and MasterCard travel cards.

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In order to apply online, the individual has to choose a card name or issuer, states MasterCard. Some of the issuers include Bancorp, Sutton Bank and Metabank. A list of issuers is available on the MasterCard website. In order to apply, the individual simply has to follow the link to the card issuer's website. The individual may also visit participating retail stores to apply for a prepaid MasterCard.

After the application process, the individual has to activate his card in order to start using it. This is done by calling the phone number on the card packaging, explains MasterCard. The individual has to provide all his details, including his government-issued identification details.

Once the individual activates the card, he may begin using it. All he has to do is load it with funds. This is done online or at the store where he bought the prepaid MasterCard. From then on, he may even request his paycheck to be sent directly to his MasterCard so that he always has funds on in his prepaid card.

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