How Do You Apply for a Postal Job?

To apply for a job with the U.S. Postal Service, visit the USPS Career center on its website,, create an account, create a profile, search for open jobs, and arrange for an assessment if required by the particular job. If testing, wait for a scheduling email, and set up the appointment to take the test.

To begin the application process, navigate to, scroll to the bottom of the home page, and click on Careers. Log in to an existing account, or click on Create An Account if you have not yet registered for the site. Create a user name and password, and log into the system.

The application system walks applicants through its Profile Roadmap. This step requires entering information about skills, previous employment and education, and summary of accomplishments. Complete the profile in its entirety, being sure to leave no time gaps in your employment history, as the system does not allow submissions with any time gaps. When creating your profile, all items marked with an asterisk are mandatory, so you must fill them in to proceed to the next part of the application process.

After completing the profile, click the Search Now button to search for available postal jobs. Filter your search by location, functional area or keyword. If the position calls for a test prior to consideration for employment, apply for the job, and then follow the instructions in the email sent by the USPS to schedule the exam.