How Do You Apply for a Position As a LabCorp Driver?

Apply for driver positions with LabCorp on the company's website. Go to, and click on the small Careers link in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. This takes you to the company's online jobs portal, where you can search and apply for jobs within the company.

Search for driver jobs by entering Driver into the basic search engine on the right side of the page. The three-part search engine also allows you to enter a city, state or ZIP code within which to search, and enables you to establish a radius mileage search parameter from this location. Click Go to pull up a list of available jobs. You can also search jobs by location or category.

The website then pulls up a list of hits. Select the ones that appeal to you to view descriptions and application information. Each available entry has an Apply Now button, so click on this button to apply to jobs. You need a website account in order to apply, which you can create on the website. The application is similar to a resume, so you provide personal information, work and educational history and also undergo a pre-screening test. The website allows you to apply for multiple positions at the same time.