How Do You Apply for a Payroll Cash Card?


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The only way for an employee to receive a payroll cash card is to request that his employer to set him up on the company's cash card system. He must speak with a company manager, supervisor or human resources person about whether the payroll cash card program is available. After receiving the cash card, money that the employee earns on the company's payroll is automatically deposited to the card.

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Payroll cash cards are an alternative to payroll paper checks, and are often considered to be more convenient for the employee, who is able to use the card right away. Instead of depositing a bank check, employees can immediately use the card to withdraw money from an ATM machine, or make purchases at retail stores. Although payroll cash cards resemble bank debit cards, they are not the same thing. A payroll cash card is not tied to an employee's personal bank account, but is set up to withdraw money from the employer's payroll account. In some instances, the payroll cash card issuer is not a bank, but an independent company that may or may not be financially sound.

Employees should ask employers what type of protections are in place for card users, and also find out if there are any ATM network or card use fees. Card use fees can eat into payroll earnings in a way that checks do not.

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