How Do You Apply Your Organization's Values and Policies?

How Do You Apply Your Organization's Values and Policies?

To apply your organization's values and policies, ensure that they are clearly written down and distributed to employees, establish concrete actions and expectations, and make consistent leadership decisions. Expect the process to go on without a definite end date.

  1. Create and distribute a written values statement

    Clearly communicate your organization's values in writing, and make them easily accessible to all team members. Think carefully about how you plan to describe the company's values and policies, and make sure that they fit with the true organizational culture. Examples of values are credibility, respect and honesty. Initiate formal discussions with team members to ensure that they understand the values.

  2. Communicate concrete actions and expectations

    Create a formal, written version of specific policies that reflect the organization's values. For example, if honesty is one of the company's core values, an organizational policy would state that team members are expected to communicate openly and clearly with one another and with clients at all times. Distribute any new policies to team members in a timely manner, and ask them to sign a statement pledging that they have read the policies and intend to adhere to them.

  3. Make leadership decisions that are consistent with the values

    Ensure that the actions and behaviors of top team members are aligned with the organization's values and policies. Establish ways to reward team members who incorporate organizational values into their professional interactions. Only hire team members whose behaviors and outlooks are consistent with the company's values, and create consequences for team members who do not adhere to established values and policies.