How Do You Apply for an Online Checking Account?


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Apply for an online checking account by visiting the application page of online-only banks such as Ally, Simple or Capital One 360, as of 2015. These sites ask for your name, Social Security number and address to verify information. Some traditional banks also offer online applications for checking accounts.

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To apply for an online checking account through Ally.com, click on the Open Account link on the main navigation bar. On the following form, first designate whether you are a returning or new customer. As a returning customer, you must log into your account to add new products. If you are a new customer, choose the checking account type you want from the products list and an initial deposit amount and then provide your personal information. Capital One 360 features a similar application process that also requires you to choose an account type and provide your personal information. This is necessary because the site needs to run a credit check to verify that you are not a financial liability.

Some online banks, such as Simple, require you to submit your email address to receive an invitation to the sign-up process. You then must enter your personal information and provide a mailing address in order to receive your debit card. Citibank, as well as many other traditional banks, allows you to follow a similar process to sign up for an account and immediately access online banking options.

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