How Do You Apply for an Oasis Settlement Loan?

Plaintiffs are able to apply for Oasis settlement loans online at, reports Oasis Legal Finance. The presettlement legal funding application asks for contact information of the plaintiff, date of the accident, state the case is tried in, type of case, and name and phone number of the plaintiff's attorney.

To qualify for an Oasis settlement loan, a plaintiff must have suffered personal injury and not mere property damage, according to Oasis Legal Finance. The defendant the plaintiff is suing must have the resources to pay any claim the court awards to the plaintiff. The plaintiff must have a lawyer hired on a contingency arrangement in which the lawyer receives payment from the award of the case and otherwise receives no compensation. The plaintiff's attorney must review, agree and sign the Oasis settlement loan agreement and pay Oasis out of the amount the court awards to the plaintiff.

Once the plaintiff sends the application, Oasis usually reviews it promptly, and if it is approved, the company provides funding on the same day, states Oasis Legal Finance. After the plaintiff submits the application, he must notify his attorney to expect communication from Oasis. Oasis phones the attorney to go over the details of the case and handles the legalities of the funding directly with the attorney.