How Do You Apply for the National Consumer Panel?


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Applying to join the National Consumer Panel typically takes about a month, beginning with entering your name, mailing address and e-mail online or via a smartphone, then providing certain household information. NCP has established quotas for the number and demographic diversity of panelists by region, so the organization doesn't accept all applicants immediately. If an applicant's household fits the profile, NCP makes contact to determine what type of scanner or mobile application is most appropriate given the available technology.

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NCP panelists use a scanner or the mobile application to scan the barcodes of the items that they purchase. This information, as well as information about when and where they shop and how much they spend, is sent to NCP on a weekly basis. NCP then shares this information with its clients, typically manufacturers or sellers of retail merchandise. Panel members also receive invitations to respond to surveys. All identifying information provided to NCP by panelists remains confidential, and NCP does not require panelists to share their social security or credit card numbers.

NCP panelists earn rewards points based on weekly participation redeemable for gifts, as well as entries for sweepstakes with cash prizes. Panelists receive no direct payment for participation. NCP is a joint venture of Nielsen and IRi, market research companies.

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