How Do You Apply for a Military Star Card?

Customers can apply for a Military Star card by going to the Exchange Credit Program website at and clicking the Apply Now button. Applicants must have previously registered for and logged in to MyECP, and must then choose between three cards for which to apply.

As of 2015, the Exchange Credit Program offers three different kinds of Military Star cards, according to ECP. The standard Military Star card is good for those attempting to establish a credit history, and it does not have any annual fees. It also includes a Military Clothing Plan which helps users purchase military apparel. The Military Star Rewards Mastercard Credit Card has the same benefits as the Military Star card but with the added benefit of earning rewards every time it is used. Customers can get up to 2 percent cash back rewards for no annual fee.

The Take It Home Today card is for users intending to make a purchase worth more than $299, explains ECP. It allows users to make smaller monthly payments at a low interest rate, instead of one large payment. It is recommended that users select the right product for their credit score and history. A customer's payment history accounts for 35 percent of the credit score, while account balances count for 30 percent, and length of credit history for 15 percent.