How Do You Apply for Merit-Based Scholarships?


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Use an online service to find the scholarship you want, ensure you meet the requirements and fill out the application. You can search for the scholarships that are based on academic, artistic or athletic merit.

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How Do You Apply for Merit-Based Scholarships?
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  1. Find the scholarship you want to apply for

    The easiest way to do this is to use a reputable scholarship search website, such as FastWeb. You fill out a form upon sign up that includes information about your education level, GPA, SAT score or ACT score and your student activities. FastWeb uses this information to generate a list of available scholarships that you are eligible for.

  2. Make sure you meet the qualifications

    Each scholarship has minimum qualifications that applicants must meet. While meeting these requirements does not ensure that you will receive a scholarship, as they are merely minimums, you will not be considered at all if you do not meet them.

  3. Fill out the application

    For many scholarships, you can do this directly on the FastWeb website. Some applications are more detailed and require more information than others, so take a look at the application before you begin to determine what you will need to complete it. You may need to put it on your to-do list for later after you gather necessary information.

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