How Do You Apply for Medical Insurance With Obama Care?


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The application process for Obamacare coverage varies according to the state and the methods of applying for each state can be read and studied via the HealthCare.gov website. Obamacare is a term that refers to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that President Barack Obama signed into law on March 23, 2010. Among the provisions of the Act include the expansion of Medicaid coverage to include all low-income Americans with income levels that are within 133 percent of the Federal Poverty Level or FPL, according to Medicaid.

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Apart from income, there are also non-financial criteria that determines eligibility for Medicaid coverage. To be eligible for Medicaid coverage, applicants should satisfy federal and state requirements regarding residency, immigration status and U.S. citizenship. Eligibility for Obamacare may also depend on whether or not the applicant is a resident of a state that has chosen to expand its Medicaid program, notes HealthCare.gov.

The following shows how to use the HealtCare.gov website to learn how to apply for Medicaid coverage for a particular state.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Type www.healthcare.gov on the browser then click enter.

  3. Navigate to the Medicaid & CHIP page
  4. Mouse over the Get Answers option on the menu bar and then select Medicaid & CHIP on the submenu.

  5. Click on Find Out If You Qualify
  6. Click on the Find Out If You Qualify For Medicaid and Chip option on the side panel. On the next page, select the state to learn about its Medicaid application process.

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