How Do You Apply for Medicaid in North Carolina?

How Do You Apply for Medicaid in North Carolina?

You can apply for Medicaid benefits in North Carolina at your local Department of Social Services or online through the Department of Health and Human Services' ePASS portal. Before applying for Medicaid benefits in North Carolina, you must satisfy the state's eligibility requirements.

  1. Review the state's eligibility requirements

    To receive North Carolina Medicaid benefits you must be a resident of North Carolina and a citizen or qualified resident of the United States. Moreover, you must be characterized as low-income relative to the federal poverty guidelines, and you must be in need of health care assistance. You must also be either 65 years of age or older, pregnant, disabled or the caretaker of a child under the age of 19 to receive North Carolina Medicaid benefits.

  2. Apply at your local DSS office

    After affirming your eligibility, apply for benefits at your County Department of Social Services. To expedite the application process, bring your birth certificate or proof of citizenship, Social Security card, copies of your most recent pay stubs, a bank statement and copies of your health or life insurance policies. If you are unable to travel to your local DSS office you can print and mail the Medicaid application to the DSS office of your choice.

  3. Apply online

    Visit the North Carolina ePass portal provided by the Department of Health and Human Services. To access ePass, click Apply for Medicaid Benefits on the right and create an ePass account if you are not registered. Answer the prescreening questions and proceed with the application by following the instructions provided.