How Do You Apply for My Kohl's Charge Service?

To apply for a My Kohl's Charge card, first visit the home page. Click on the Apply for a Kohl's Charge link, located under the Shop at Kohl's heading near the bottom of the page. Complete the necessary application for a Kohl's credit card. The My Kohl's Charge application is also available in a Kohl's store, according to the Kohl's Corporation website.

When approved for a My Kohl's Charge card, cardholders are eligible to receive 15 percent off of the first day's purchases, states Kohl's. Cardholders receive exclusive discounts at least 12 times per year, ranging from 15 to 30 percent off purchases. A cardholder spending more than $600 annually becomes a Most Valued Customer, or MVC. The MVCs receive at least 18 special discounts throughout the year. Kohl's Charge members receive advance notice via mail of special cardholder sales events.

There is no annual fee for a My Kohl's Charge card, and purchases made on the card can be returned without a receipt, according to Kohl's. It is possible to also access account balances online, as well as make free online payments on the amount due at any given time. In addition, cardholders can elect to receive paperless statements.