How Do You Apply for KidCare Insurance?


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Florida residents apply for Florida KidCare Insurance through the insurance company's website, HealthyKids.org. Applicants using the website sign the application with an electronic signature that confirms that they accept responsibility for the correctness of the application, according to KidCare. Applicants that choose not to submit an online application may call KidCare Insurance at 1-888-540-5437 to request assistance or a paper application, as of January 2016.

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Applicants need Social Security numbers as well as W-2 or wage information for everyone in the family to complete the online application, notes KidCare. They also need current health insurance policy numbers and information on the availability of employer-provided health insurance. KidCare keeps this information private and secure.

The online application allows applicants to see what insurance coverage options they qualify for, explains KidCare. Some applicants may qualify for the Children's Health Insurance Program or coverage under a low-cost or free Medicaid plan. Other applicants may qualify for comprehensive private insurance plans or tax credits to offset the cost of health care coverage.

People may use the online application to apply for health insurance coverage for anyone in their family, states KidCare. The website encourages people to fill out the application even if their children already have health care coverage because they may qualify for a lower-cost plan. Immigrant families may apply for KidCare coverage for their children even if parents do not qualify for coverage. Filling out the application does not affect immigration status or applicants' chances of becoming permanent citizens.

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