How Do You Apply for a Job With SM?


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To apply for a job with SM, search for job openings, and choose a position to apply for. Alternatively, upload a resume, and fill-in application details to improve standing for future job openings.

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Visit the SM website and peruse through the available job opportunities found under the Job Search functions. Select a job category, the area, state and city of preference. The search produces the openings that suit the selection. The search results display the most recent postings to earlier jobs. The search also lists the job title, location and company.

If the openings are many, they spread over several Web pages. Use the Next and Prev arrow buttons to scroll through them. Narrow down the results to a specific position, and read the requirements. Then apply for the position.

The application requires keying-in details such as name, email and password. Verify the application through the entry of the Captcha and read the terms and conditions. Once in agreement, choose to proceed. A link to activate the account comes via email. Activate the account and log-in to the SM link to apply for jobs.

Jobs for new graduates and experienced individuals are available. Select to limit the application details to SM-use only or allow sharing with affiliate entities.

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