How Do You Apply for a Job at Olive View Hospital in Sylmar, California?


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Applicants for jobs at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center in Sylmar, California, have to apply through the Electronic Residency Application Services as of 2015. Interested parties must meet the requirements and be able to provide the documents required, states UCLAOliveView.org. The hospital only hires students ready for residency, and it is considered a teaching hospital.

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In order to apply for a position at the Olive View-UCLA Medical Center, the applicant is required to sign up for the MyERAS website. Without registering, the rest of the steps are not visible to anyone accessing the website. To sign up, the applicant must contact the designated dean's office to get a one-time access code. The actual steps are not available without completing the registration process and actually accessing the site.

The Olive View-UCLA Medical Center requires a dean's letter, a chair letter from the Department of Medicine and two other letters of recommendation. Only one of the two recommendation letters should be from a research rotation, notes UCLAOliveView.org.

Once a medical student is able to complete the MyERAS application registrations, he will need to go through and fill out the questions on the form. Once complete, he must certify and submit the application. This is a one-time requirement. Once it is submitted, it cannot be redone. Applicants should double check the whole application before this process to make sure no areas were missed.

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