How Do You Apply for a Job at Menards?


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Applies for a job at Menards by visiting the Careers section of the company's website and filling out an online application for the desired position. Listings on the site cover positions at Menards retail stores, distribution centers, manufacturing plants and the corporate offices.

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To apply for a job at Menards, first identify the exact position desired. As of 2015, the Careers section of Menards.com allows users to browse job openings either by selecting the location she wants to work, such as the corporate offices or at a retail store, and choosing a specific listing or by clicking on one of the links for newly created openings. By clicking on a job listing, the user can view a detailed description of the position and any associated requirements, such as a minimum work history, education level or specific skills and certifications. Applications are filled out using either an online form or by sending in a resume to a hiring manager via email or traditional mail.

Once an individual submits an application, she may be selected for an in-person or phone interview. It is best to prepare for the interview by researching Menards to become familiar with the company as a whole and the actual job itself.

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