How Do You Apply for a Job at Dollar General?

How Do You Apply for a Job at Dollar General?

Job seekers can apply for a job at Dollar General online through its website, notes the retailer. The site lists all current job openings nationwide.

Follow these steps to apply for a Dollar General job online.

  1. Find Dollar General's search page
  2. Scroll through this page to check out a broad listing of job openings. To perform a specific search, look for the sentence, "For a complete listing of all Dollar General jobs and to search for job openings nearest you, please click here." Click on the link in this sentence to go to the search openings page.

  3. Search the job listings
  4. Fill in the search job listings form on this page. Use keywords such as job title and tasks in the Keywords text bar. Enter in the desired search location and click on "Search." A search results page showing the available Dollar General jobs will pop up.

  5. Select a job and apply
  6. Scroll down the jobs list and click on one that is appealing. To apply for that job click on the "Apply to Job" button at the top of the page. Create an account log in on the next page and fill in the application online.

  7. Follow up with the store manager
  8. Follow up on the job application with the store manager where the application was submitted. If following up in person, wear nice clothing, take along a resume and references and go during slow business hours, notes Snagajob. This helps create a positive first impression and improves chances of getting an interview.