How Do You Apply for a Job?


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To apply for a job, search the Internet for job ads, write a list of companies you're interested in, submit a resume and cover letter, and follow up with an employer after applying. An applicant must demonstrate his enthusiasm for the position when following up with potential employers.

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  1. Search for jobs

    Look through company websites, job sites, search engines and networking sites for jobs that meet your qualifications. Use gadgets and widgets to help you narrow the jobs that you desire most. Compile a list of companies that you want to work for.

  2. Draft a cover letter and resume

    Create a resume and cover letter that is tailored to the jobs for which you want to apply. Avoid sending general resumes and cover letters for every job, and submit your credentials, such as degrees and transcripts, to the companies if required.

  3. Wait for a response

    Wait a few days to a week for an employer to contact you before following up. If you have to follow up, call the hiring manager directly, and re-emphasize your qualifications and your desire for the job. Accept an invitation for an interview if one is offered, and dress appropriately for the occasion. Send a thank-you note following the interview.

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