How Do You Apply for the Illinois Medicaid Program?

How Do You Apply for the Illinois Medicaid Program?

Apply for Medicaid coverage in Illinois by completing an application online, filling out an application and then sending it through mail or fax and applying in person at a Family Community Resource Center. Because the state of Illinois has chosen to accept federal Medicaid expansion, all low-income adults within 142 percent of the Federal Poverty Levels (FPL) may enroll for Medicaid coverage, according to the website.

The following is one way of applying for Medicaid coverage in Illinois.

  1. Check for eligibility
  2. To be eligible for the expanded Medicaid coverage in Illinois, the family income can be up to 133 percent of the FPL. Children aged 9 to 18 with a family income of 142 percent of the FPL and pregnant women with family income of up to 208 percent of the FPL are also eligible for coverage, as of 2015. Other eligibility rules also apply including residency, immigration status and U.S. citizenship, as stated on the Medicaid website.

  3. Apply
  4. Apply online by following the link on the website, or apply in person by going to the nearest Family Resource Center and fill out an application. Alternatively, download an application form or call 1-800-843-6154 to ask for an application by mail. Fill up the application and send it via mail or fax to the nearest Family Resource Center.

  5. Wait for the materials
  6. If approved, the insurance card and informational materials should arrive in the mail.