How Do You Apply for Hospital Transcription Jobs?


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Apply for hospital transcription jobs, also known as medical transcription, by filling out an online application through general job search sites, such as Indeed.com, Monster.com or SimplyHired.com, as of 2015. Alternatively, locate jobs with online or mail-in application processes on medical transcription job specialty sites, such as MTStars.com or MTJobs.com.

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SimplyHired.com allows you to search for medical transcription jobs by conducting a keyword search for the general job term as well as by browsing through openings at specific hospitals. Beneath the name and summary of each listing on the search results is the name of the company that is offering the job. Clicking on the link takes you to its online application page.

Listings on Monster.com contain a full description of the job and requirements and include the option to immediately submit your resume to apply for the job. To use this option, you must upload your resume to your Monster.com account.

Job postings on Indeed.com typically lead to an external website for the company offering the job. Most of these sites include an online application form or a link to another page that houses the application, while some only contain instructions on emailing a resume and standard application. MTJobs.com also allows you to upload a resume and electronically submit it to a company with an active listing. The site also maintains a section where you are able to post your resume for other companies to see.

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