How Do You Apply for a HOPE Scholarship?


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To apply for a HOPE scholarship only, students must go to the Georgia Student Financial Application website. To apply for additional financial aid, students must also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Financial-aid applications require some minimum accomplishments to be considered.

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HOPE financial-aid applicants must meet some minimal education requirements that include completion of high school or home-study school with 3.0 average, a General Education Development degree, a score in the 80th percentile in the Scholastic Aptitude Test or American College Test, a certain number of hours of coursework completed or attempted at college-level classes or equivalent degree work or previous enrollment at a HOPE-accepted college or university for transfer students. The education requirements must be met by specific deadlines. Other requirements include official U.S. citizenship or acceptable non-citizen status, registration with Selective Service (if required), no default on or financial problems with any other student financial-aid programs and compliance with the Georgia Drug-Free Postsecondary Education Act of 1990. HOPE applications are reviewed at the end of every spring semester. HOPE stands for Help Outstanding Pupils Educationally. The HOPE Scholarship is a Georgia-based financial-aid program that is available only to Georgia residents. The scholarship was created in 1992 and is supported by the Georgia Lottery.

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