How Do You Apply for Homesteading Grants?


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No true homesteading grants exist in the modern United States. The Homestead Act of 1862 was repealed in 1976 by the Federal Land Policy and Management Act. The federal government offers a homestead exemption of up to $22,975 for taxes on homes, mobile homes and condos.

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How Do You Apply for Homesteading Grants?
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The 1862 Homestead Act was designed to populate the frontier and improve agricultural development by making free plots of land available to those who met certain requirements. The law stipulated that the applicants for land had to improve it, usually through agriculture, and that they had to build a 12-by-14 dwelling. The law did not specify if these measurements were in inches or feet, which created a loophole that some people were able to exploit.

As of 2015, the rural development portion of the Homestead Act continues through the United States Department of Agriculture, which offers home loan and grant programs to low-income families who are willing to live rurally.

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