How Do You Apply for Furnished Temporary Housing?

How Do You Apply for Furnished Temporary Housing?

Travelers can apply for furnished temporary housing by contacting the company that offers the housing directly, according to National Corporate Housing. This company offers an online form travelers fill out with their housing interests and contact information so that a representative can get in touch and help them reserve a place to stay.

Applying for furnished temporary housing is similar to applying for an apartment or getting a hotel room. The applicant contacts the owner and describes what he is looking for in housing. He may look at the apartment ahead of time and then make the first payment or pay for the entire lease in advance. Some businesses have websites set up to allow travelers to see what is available before contacting them, according to

To find temporary furnished housing, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Oakwood
  2. Visit and fill in the short form for an apartment search on the right side of the page. Click the Search button.

  3. Select a listing
  4. Scroll through the listing results of available housing. Click on More Info or More Photos to see more information about each listing. Click on Prices to see how much a particular listing costs per day. Click on the Book Now button to get started reserving that listing.

  5. Fill in the form
  6. Fill in the contact form on the booking page. Wait for a representative to send an email or call back. Complete the application process and make a payment.