How Do You Apply for a Ford Credit Card?

apply-ford-credit-card Credit: MEHDI FEDOUACH/AFP/Getty Images

You apply for the Ford Service Credit Card by visiting a participating Ford dealership. Applications for the card are made in person, and not online, according to the Ford website. Approval is given within minutes of the application, pending qualification.

The Ford credit card is only accepted at Ford dealerships and cannot be used to purchase services with any other merchants. The card can be used to pay for various automotive services, including repairs, parts and maintenance, as well as loaner vehicles. In addition to advertising low monthly payments, the card carries an APR of 28.99 percent, as of June 2015, as well as offering a $25 mail-in rebate on every $250 spent. The card also offers a deferred interest benefit, such as 0 percent on large purchases for six months, according to

The Ford service credit card is operated by Citibank and differs from the Ford Credit program, a financing plan covering new vehicle purchases. Applications for the Ford Credit program are also made through the dealership, as well as online, via the Ford website. Customers who wish to apply for Ford Credit can take a test run by inputting their desired vehicle price and calculating their estimated monthly payment. The test run service allows customers to make adjustments before formally submitting an application.