Where Do You Apply for Florida Turnpike Tollbooth Jobs?

apply-florida-turnpike-tollbooth-jobs Credit: Terry Vine/The Image Bank/Getty Images

According to Florida's Turnpike Enterprise, interested individuals should apply for a toll booth job by contacting the regional Faneuil toll operations recruiting office. Numbers to the regional offices can be found on the Turnpike website, or applicants can contact the Florida Department of Transportation.

Toll jobs are always in demand, because tolls are the most effective way to maintain roads, according to Florida's Turnpike. Drivers who use the roads pay for the upkeep through tolls. Generally, gas tax funding is used to pay for transportation needs, but through 2020, Florida is facing a $47 million transportation budget shortfall. Toll roads are self-supporting, which allows transportation budget money to be used for other needs.