How Do You Apply for an FHA HUD Refund?


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Application for a Federal Housing Authority/Housing and Urban Development refund requires the completion, notarization and submission of form HUD-27050-B to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, states HUD. After reviewing this application, which serves as proof of property ownership at the time of FHA mortgage insurance termination, HUD may request additional information from the applicant before directing the U.S. Treasury to issue the refund.

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Applicants who do not receive a response within 120 days of application submission are advised to contact HUD at 800-697-6967, P.O. Box 44372, Washington, D.C. 20026-4372 or sf_premiums@hud.gov. Inquiries require the following information: name, FHA case number, date of mortgage pay-off, property address and daytime phone number. It is also possible to search the HUD database to determine refund eligibility and request an application, states HUD.

Mortgage companies typically notify HUD directly of the termination of FHA mortgage insurance. When it receives this notification, HUD either directs the Treasury to issue the refund without requiring an application or mails form HUD-27050-B to the mortgage holder for completion. If a mortgage-holder does not receive a refund check or application for a refund from HUD within 45 days of loan repayment, HUD recommends that the homeowner first contact his mortgage company. Assuming that the mortgage company did submit proper notification, HUD recommends that the homeowner contact HUD directly.

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