How Do You Apply for FedEx Truck Driving Jobs?

How Do You Apply for FedEx Truck Driving Jobs?

A person can apply for FedEx trucking jobs by visiting the FedEx website. The company offers an online application for job seekers, notes FedEx.

Through the website, users can select the job position they are interested in as well as the location that they desire, according to FedEx.

  1. Browse job openings on the website
  2. Go to After browsing the available positions, users can select specific jobs to read the duties and skills required before applying.

  3. Choose a position to apply for
  4. Users can choose to apply by hitting the "apply now" button. Users are then directed to the application.

  5. Complete the application
  6. In order to complete the application, users must provide their name, address, phone number and Social Security number. They must also provide educational and previous work information along with their available hours.