How Do You Apply for Employment at Philadelphia Gas Works?

How Do You Apply for Employment at Philadelphia Gas Works?

An applicant for employment with Philadelphia Gas Works can apply for jobs by filling out an online application accessible through the careers link at An applicant must first create an online profile with a username and password.

When creating an online profile, an applicant has three options for listing work experience, skills and education. Applicants may submit information using a LinkedIn profile, by uploading a resume or by entering information through PGW's online form.

After creating a profile, an applicant can browse career opportunities by following the Search Jobs link on the Careers page of the website. Applicants may apply for available jobs listed in the search results. Applicants can save profile information to apply for jobs in the future.

For entry level and some skilled positions, PGW uses pre-employment testing to determine an applicant's eligibility for employment. The pre-employment test includes two math tests, a science test and a spatial test. PGW offers free online test preparation study materials and practice quizzes for each subject. Each online quiz includes an answer key. Applicants prepare for the tests independently.

In addition to full-time employment opportunities, PGW offers several internships and co-op education opportunities. Internships are open to full-time sophomore students studying a relevant discipline at an accredited institution. Applicants must be in good academic standing. Applicants can apply for internships through PGW's careers Web page.