How Do You Apply for a Discover Credit Card?


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To apply for a Discover card, visit the card's official website, and click on the bright orange "Apply Now" link. An online application is displayed that prompts visitors to enter necessary information for a credit decision; most decisions are rendered immediately after submission. Alternatively, applicants can call a toll-free number to apply for a card, according to the Discover website.

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How Do You Apply for a Discover Credit Card?
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  1. Navigate to Discover's website
  2. The official website for the Discover card is Discovercard.com. The application process is secure.

  3. Fill out the form
  4. The application asks the applicant for identifying information, including name, address and the last four digits of the applicant's Social Security number. The applicant is also prompted to select a card design from a range of different options and colors. The application also asks for income information and offers the option for the applicant to transfer the balance from other credit cards to the Discover card. An additional user may be added to the card during the application process.

  5. Accept the electronic communications disclosure and terms and conditions
  6. After providing the application information, applicants are prompted to accept the terms and conditions and agree to electronic communication of approval or denial of credit.

  7. Submit application
  8. An orange "Submit Application" button pops up after completing the required information and reviewing the terms and conditions. To submit the application, click that button.

  9. Apply by phone
  10. Would-be Discover card customers also have the option to apply for a Discover card by phone. The toll-free number to call is 1-877-587-1605 as of April 2015.

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