How Do You Apply for Disability for Work-Related Stress?


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Apply for disability for work-related stress with the Social Security Administration by supplying evidence of a disabling anxiety disorder. Post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder or agoraphobia may qualify a person for disability, according to Nolo.

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To be considered for disability benefits for work-related stress, Social Security requires medical evidence that a person has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and that this condition has left him unable to work for at least 12 months. A person may apply for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income depending on current income and work history, reports Nolo.

If a person has an anxiety disorder that the SSA considers a disability, he must prove that his symptoms of stress negatively impact his ability to perform daily tasks, such as getting along with others, thinking clearly and completing work assignments. He must also have a doctor's diagnosis and medical proof of experiencing one of the following: recurrent anxiety with abnormal worry, sweating, feeling faint, dry mouth, muscle tension and hypervigilance; an unreasonable fear of an object, activity or situation; ongoing panic attacks; ongoing obsession or memories of a disturbing experience, states Nolo. If the SSA does not consider the anxiety totally disabling, it analyzes the degree to which it limits the person's ability to function and determines his residual functional capacity.

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