How Do You Apply for Disability Payments?


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Those seeking disability benefits from the Social Security Disability Insurance program can apply at the federal program's official website, by calling 1-800-772-1213 or by visiting a Social Security office. Those with private disability insurance must apply through the insurance company that holds the policy.

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How Do You Apply for Disability Payments?
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The Social Security Administration's SSDI program provides monthly cash benefits for those who paid Social Security taxes and who have a disability that meets Social Security standards for disability. Qualifying for these benefits generally requires the worker to be completely unable to work, and benefits continue as long as the worker is unable to work. Special rules also apply that provides recovering workers with incentives, including continued benefits and health coverage, as they transition back into the work force.

To apply for SSDI, applicants must provide their Social Security numbers and proof of age. Contact information for doctors, caseworkers, clinics and hospitals who have treated the worker must also be included. All medications and their dosages must be provided along with any medical records and laboratory and test results. The worker also needs to provide employment information, including recent tax records and W-2 statements.

Private disability insurance companies have various requirements for claiming disability benefits, depending on the type of policy the worker holds. Some policies are geared toward funding the worker's lifestyle if he can't perform the duties required by his occupation, while others cover the inability to work at any occupation. Claiming private disability benefits generally doesn't preclude the worker from claiming SSDI benefits in addition to private benefits.

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