How Do You Apply for a DBA in Texas?


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A Doing Business As or DBA certificate is more commonly called an Assumed Name Certificate in Texas. Obtaining one involves choosing an appropriate name for the business, then filing the certificate with the appropriate authority.

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  1. Choose a name

    The name chosen must not be the same as or deceptively similar to a name that is already on file. Similar names also cannot be used unless the existing entity agrees to the use in writing. Research preliminary determinations on name availability by calling relay services at 512-463-5555 or e-mailing the request to corpinfo@sos.texas.gov.

  2. Determine where you need to file

    It's important to first determine where you need to file, as this changes the requirements for filling out and submitting the assumed name certificate. Sole proprietorships, general partnerships, joint ventures, estates and real estate investment trusts must file with the county clerk in the county where the business office is maintained. If no business office is maintained, they must be filed in each county wherein the entity plans to do business. Corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, professional associations, limited liability partnerships and foreign filing entities must file both with the secretary of state and any appropriate county clerks.

  3. Complete and file the assumed name certificates

    For those filing only with county clerks, the certificates must have the original signatures of each person whose name is stated. It must also be notarized. Filing procedures vary by county. For those filing with the secretary of state, certificates do not need original signatures or to be notarized, and faxes and photocopies are acceptable for filing.

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