How Do You Apply for a Credit Card Through Merchants Bank?


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To apply for a credit card through a Merchants Bank, the applicant fills out a credit card application form on the Merchants Bank website. The application form requires the applicant’s personal information, income, credit needs and current monthly payments, reports Merchants Bank.

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The application form requires identification of the Merchants Bank branch location that the individual frequents. The personal data section requires the applicant to state whether the credit card would be a personal or a joint credit card. It also asks for the applicant's name, street address, ZIP code, home phone number and date of birth. Additionally, the form requires the applicant to provide a Social Security number, valid email address and current employer, where applicable.

The income section requires the applicant to provide an approximate gross monthly salary, notes Merchant's Bank. The Credit Needs section allows the applicant to choose the preferred credit program. The choice is dependent on the number of credit cards requested, and on whether the applicant is asking to increase a credit line on an existing account, is transferring a Visa or MasterCard account, or is requesting features such as cash-back rewards.

The application inquires whether the applicant is a co-signer, endorser or guarantor to anyone. It also requires the applicant to provide information on other owned credit cards, including their unpaid balance, according to Merchants Bank. It also requires information on current debts, such as mortgages, and asks the applicant to provide financial references.

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