How Do You Apply for a Construction Job?

How Do You Apply for a Construction Job?

To apply for a construction job, begin by preparing a resume. Add all work experience you have, even jobs unrelated to construction. Contact potential employers to find openings, or consult a job board online and use specific search terms to find positions. Apply to any openings that fall in your range of skill and ability, taking care to complete each step of the application process. Follow up with each position each week until you hear back from the company.

Your resume contains personal skills gained through prior work. Phrases such as "strong organization" and "efficient time management" or "detail-oriented" are helpful when applying to any job, but especially for a construction job that requires those qualities. When describing jobs that are not construction related, highlight things such as servicing multiple clients, meeting tight deadlines, keeping a schedule or creating a calendar and organizing priorities.

Contact general contractors in your area. General contractors are self-employed and work in both residential and commercial construction. Personal contact with these companies yields better results than mailing or email resumes.

If you go to the job site to seek work, there is a chance the manager will hire you on the spot if workers are needed. Be sure to give the contractor your resume and get his contact information to follow up with him later. Apply online to any openings listed on the company's website or a job board.

A week after applying or contacting the company, call and follow up. This shows personal initiative and a genuine desire to do the work. It also refreshes the hiring manager's or contractor's memory about who you are, keeping you fresh in their minds as they choose whom to hire.