How Do You Apply for a California Security Guard Card?


To apply for a California Security Guard Card, access the website of Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, Department of Consumer Affairs or apply via mail using the address given on the website. Before applying for the guard card, you must complete the requisite training and a LiveScan process.

The security officer training to be completed before applying for a California Security Guard Card includes four hours each of training in Weapons of Mass Destruction and Powers to Arrest. Applicants must then successfully complete a Powers to Arrest Training Manual Test with an accuracy score of 100 percent. This training must be provided by a licensed private patrol operator or private security training facility.

The LiveScan process to be cleared pertains to a fingerprint check that is a part of background verification. LiveScan can be completed at the nearest live scan center or at the training facility. To do this, complete the relevant form available on the website of BSIS, and submit three copies of the form along with the fees at the center.

After this, submit the Guard Card application form. The applicant, the patrol operator or the training facility may submit the form. To do this, preferably submit the application online on the BSIS website. Alternatively, print the application, complete it and send it via mail to BSIS.