How Do You Apply to Become a Secret Shopper?


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Applying to become a Secret Shopper involves reading and agreeing to the Shopper Ethics and Conduct, Terms and Conditions and Policies and Procedures Agreement of the company; passing a basic certification test and completing a shopper application test. Secret Shopper mystery shoppers can do as much work as they like, according to the company's website.

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Approved applicants will become an independent contractor with Sights on Service, Inc., who does business as Secret Shopper, according to the company's website. Sights on Service, Inc. is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, which lists it as a National Market Research firm.

The following shows how to apply as a Secret Shopper mystery shopper.

  1. Agree
  2. Applicants should read carefully and agree to the Shopper Ethics and Conduct, Terms and Conditions and Policies and Procedures Agreement. The information in the documents will be covered in the basic certification test.

  3. Pass the certification test
  4. Sights on Service requires applicants to pass the certification test to ensure that they know the basic requirements and are familiar with the policies and procedures of Secret Shoppers.

  5. Fill out a shopper application
  6. Applicants who pass the certification test should then fill out an application form. The form asks basic information about the applicant, such as his or her name, address contact details and Social Security Number or Employee Security Number. After submission, the company will provide successful applicants with a Shopper ID number, which they will use to view and schedule available shops.

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