How Do You Apply for Baycare Remote Access?

Consumers can apply for BayCare remote access to medical records by visiting the company website, This site features a patient portal link where applicants can complete enrollment.

Once a patient registers through the patient portal, an email invitation valid for the next 30 days is sent to the email address the patient provided. Should the email expire, BayCare can be contacted at 888-499-9003, as of 2015. A new invitation is then emailed.

A patient must subsequently supply an email address during registration at a BayCare hospital, emergency room, or at a BayCare outpatient facility for imaging or lab work. BayCare remote access allows patients to connect to their online medical records 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Medical records include a listing of the patient’s personal health conditions, medications and supplements the patient is currently using, lab results and discharge information. Patients can also submit questions regarding bills and options for payment by remote access. Announcements, as well as BayCare health events, are also sent remotely. Parents of patients up to 12 years of age can establish access through BayCare’s patient portal.

Membership in is only valid for medical records and information collected and processed for BayCare facilities.