How Do You Apply for an Argos Card?

Argos is a retail chain in the UK and Ireland that sells a wide variety of goods such as clothing, toys, electronics and so on. You can also purchase items off their website. Getting an Argos credit card makes purchasing easier and also allows you to spread out payments over several months for large items.

  1. Collect your financial information

    To apply for any credit card you need to be able to declare how much money you and your household bring in on an annual basis as well as the name and address of your employer.

  2. Fill in the Argos card application

    There is a short application form on the website and there are paper applications which can be picked up in the store. The information needed is straightforward including name, address, phone number, employment status and so on. You also need to state how long you have lived at your current home and provide a valid email address.

  3. Read and agree to the terms and conditions

    Even though the language in these legal portions can be tedious and difficult to understand, read it carefully. These legal terms include the different requirements as far as late payments, penalties, raising interest rates, payment deferments and more. These terms can make a huge difference on how much you pay in total for the credit Argos is extending you.

  4. Wait for a response

    There is an expected wait time before you are notified whether you qualified for a card. If your application is declined, then after months you can apply again if you feel your situation has improved.