What Is an Application for Residency?

Application for residency is the application that medicine students submit to an accredited institution to complete a three- to seven-year graduate medical program. A student must complete writing a statement and identify faculty members who will write recommendation letters before applying for residency.

Applying for residency is more involved, and a person must plan carefully before submitting an application. Students choose from over 9,000 programs to find their preferred programs. There is an application fee for residency, and it varies based on the number of programs a person chooses. Additionally, international students pay an additional fee. Students with approved applications receive interview questions in the mail or via email or travel to the institution for an interview. Students can submit their applications for residency online.

A personal statement and recommendation letters are some of the most important things. The statement must have up-to-date information about a student's interests. The letters of recommendation should be written by faculty members with whom a student shares an interpersonal relationship. Students must have three recommendation letters. Students must read the application requirements of the institution they are applying to carefully. Some residency programs require an official United States Medical Licensing Examination transcript, which is available for a fee.