What Is Apple’s Mission Statement?

Jeffrey Pachoud/AFP/Getty Images

Apple’s mission statement essentially provides a list of Apple products. Specifically, Apple mentions the construction of the Mac personal computer, the iPhone, and digital music. Unlike conventional mission statements, the Apple statement does not specifically mention any future intentions. According to Business Insider, the mission statement reads more like a product catalogue than a mission statement.

In addition to releasing a written mission statement, Apple also offers a 90-second video outlining its overall mission. This video focuses on factors that Apple considers when designing products. According to the video, Apple’s design process focuses on creating products that make people feel a certain way. The video is thought to be somewhat ambiguous by critics, and Forbes magazine hypothesizes that this ambiguity is due to a lack of future Apple product innovations. The common opinion regarding this mission statement is that it is not viable and does not inspire confidence in future Apple operations.

Although Forbes criticizes the statement and insinuates that the late Steve Jobs would not approve of such a press release, in reality, the statement appeared on Apple memos prior to Jobs’ death. Although few examples of previous Apple mission statements exist, Business Insider reports that Apple’s mission statement in the 1980s involved creating a product that helps people.