What Are Some Apple-Compatible Card Readers?

Some examples of Apple-compatible credit card readers are the Square Credit Card Reader, the PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader and the Paypal Here Card Reader, as listed by Apple.com. Top Ten Reviews also has a top ten list of card readers that are specifically compatible with Apple iPhones. At the top of the list is Flint, a service that uses the iPhone camera to process credit cards rather than a traditional card-reading device.

The Paypal Here Card Reader includes the ability to scan both chip and pin hardware, reports Top Ten Reviews. Other card readers on the list, such as Flint and Cartwheel Register, do not require any hardware to process credit card payments.

The top performers in the Top Ten Reviews list of Apple-compatible card readers are Flint, Square and Amazon Local Register. Some of the other Apple-compatible credit card readers listed on Top Ten Reviews are the EMS+ card reader, CDGcommer, Spark Pay, Quickbooks GoPayment and Moolah.

Of all of the card readers provided on Top Ten Reviews, only CDGcommer charges users a fee for its services. However, CDGcommer, Quickbooks GoPayment, Paypal Here and Moolah all charge users a chargeback fee from $20 to $25, as of 2015. EMS+, CGDcommer and Paypal were also the only companies on the review that got a transparency score under 100 percent.